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Question:  Is voltage drop part  of the national Electrical Code?

 Answer:  Yes it is

Branch Circuits, 219.19(A) Informational Note Number 3.
Conductors, 310.14 (A) (1) Informational Note number 1.
Sensitive electronic equipment, 647.4 (D)
Electric discharge lighting, 410-XII  410-XIII
Energy storage systems, maximum voltage, 706.9
General provisions,110.4

Question: Does NM wire (Romex)  need to be replaced if it gets wet before the roof goes on the house, or before the windows get installed?   

Answer NO.   
Definitions:  Location Dry. (Dry Location) a location not normally subject to dampness or wetness. A location classified as dry may be temporary subject to dampness or wetness as in the case of a building under construction.  


On 10/6/2023 The Rehabilitation subcode has ended the grace period not requiring a disconnect in outside of the building.for the service. But look to Article Emergency Disconnects 230.85 (C) Exception:  When only meter sockets, Service Entrance Conductors, or related raceways, and fittings are replaced, the requirements of this section SHALL NOT apply. 

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DOWNLOAD 1) 12 page CURRENT addition of the Rehabilitation Subcode.

Click HERE for pdf

DOWNLOAD 2) 2 page document detailing Section 6.8 of the Rehabilitation Subcode concerning panel clearance.

Click HERE for pdf


Keep your eye on this page for more updates.

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