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News & Updates

ANNOUNCEMENT - 01/28/2019

Counterfeit GFCI receptacles are in the news. Download the complete UL Public Notice in PDF form HERE

ANNOUNCEMENT - 12/17/2018

On Monday December 17, 2018, Governor Murphy signed Assembly Bill 2182 into law (P.L.2018, c.155), The new law requires completion of a four year U.S. Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program as a condition to sit for the NJ Electrical Contractors licensing exam.


DOWNLOAD 1) 5 pages of information with the electrical portion HIGHLIGHTED that are changes to minor work and ordinary maintenance.

Click HERE for pdf

DOWNLOAD 2) A complete list of material and methods.

Click HERE for pdf


DOWNLOAD 3) A shortened list of materials and methods for residential construction.

Click HERE for pdf


Keep your eye on this page for more updates.

ANNOUNCEMENT - 8/19/2018

The State has not yet adopted the 2017 National Electrical Code we are still using the 2014 National Electrical Code until further notice 

The Department of Community affairs changed requirements for what work requires permits. I will have this on the website in a printable version soon.

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